The Beauty and the Beast – New & Old Tech Side-by-Side

Travis and I purchased the former ARC Document Solutions business location lock, stock, and barrel. On September 16, 2019, we took over the business and the location at 1151 SE Centennial Court.

Included in the purchase, we inherited a great many old and newer plotters, copiers, scanners, and cutting machines. Some were in great shape and others – perhaps time ran away from that particular technology. Over the last six months, Travis and I have been cleaning out the stuff that could not be saved and have purchased up-to-date machines.

The main large format printer used to be the Canon OCE TDS800. A formidable beast which can print large quantities of black & white “blueprints” – yes, blueprints used to be blue & white. I still remember the smell of ammonia, which was used to “develop” the image.

The OCE is at least 16 years old and was top-of-the-line in the beginning of the 21st Century. During our time with ARC, we have babied the printer to keep it running.

At the end of 2019, Canon – who now owns the OCE brand name – decided to stop providing service for our old beast. Travis and I realized it was time to look for a new printer and new technology. After researching the available technology for large format printing, we decided to invest in a modern HP Pagewide 5100 with a high capacity stacker.

Our new printer allows us to print both black & white and color renderings on many different medias. Before the HP Pagewide, we had to use our OCE for black & white prints and a slow HP DesignJet for color drawings. Today, color and black & white is available at top speed in one machine.

The high-speed HP Pagewide has become our new work horse, but the OCE is still doing well, and fingers crossed, will keep on working for a long time. It is a great, no frills black & white plotter, which is a savior when the shop gets busy. And it also produces crisp drawings on transparent and white Mylar.

The next time you come in, please take a look how old and new technology – our high-speed plotters, continue to work side-by-side.